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With one of the fastest growing non-oil economies in Africa, Ethiopia presents tremendous opportunities for inclusive growth. Agriculture accounts for 85 percent of total employment and more than 45 percent of the gross domestic product. However, many smallholder farmers and enterprises are not integrated into commercial markets due to a lack of coordination, information, and access to markets.

 85% of total employment in Ethiopia is in the agricultural sector.

For over a decade, TechnoServe in Ethiopia has partnered with farmers, cooperatives, suppliers, agro-processor buyers, and other market actors--as well as the government--in order to develop competitive, inclusive agricultural market systems. We help farmers to increase productivity through training on improved agricultural practices; cooperatives and businesses to strengthen operations, governance, and sustainability; and multinational companies to sustainably source from smallholders. This work is grounded in advancing the country's green economy and environmental well-being, as well as gender equality, for which we maintain a strong commitment to internal and project gender equality targets.

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