Resource-rich Ghana ranks among the United States' top trading partners in sub-Saharan Africa, and boasts one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Yet more than half of its population still struggles to survive on subsistence farming, and unemployment remains high.

TechnoServe is addressing these challenges by helping smallholder farmers improve the quality and quantity of their crops, linking them to more lucrative markets and training them in business skills. TechnoServe also helps businesses in key industries become more efficient and competitive, in turn increasing local employment and contributing to diversified economic growth. Through a national business plan competition, we mentor aspiring entrepreneurs across a range of sectors, helping them develop and finance their business ideas.

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Technical Assistance Facility

Access to finance is an obstacle to entrepreneurship, particularly in the agricultural sector in Africa. The African Agriculture Fund (AAF), a private equity fund, was created to help increase investment in agriculture and agribusiness in the region with the ultimate objective of increasing food security. TechnoServe serves as the implementing agency of the Technical Assistance Facility (TAF), which provides technical assistance to the portfolio companies invested in by the AAF. The TAF is funded primarily by the European Union and managed by IFAD. As of 2016 the TAF has funded 32 projects with 10 portfolio companies across Africa and supported five SMEs with their growth strategies. TAF has committed €3.6m and has €3.4m remaining for projects in the pipeline.
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Improving the Poultry Sector

Poultry provides a key protein source to satisfy Ghana’s growing population demands; however the poultry industry suffers from high production costs, inadequate technical knowledge, intense competition from imported poultry meat and inefficient market linkages. The Ghana Poultry Project (GPP), funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and implemented in partnership with ACDI/VOCA, will increase the competitiveness of the domestic production and processing of poultry meat and eggs. The project will facilitate partnerships and access to finance, build capacity of producer and trade organizations and increase demand for domestically produced poultry meat and eggs. The five-year project will increase sales by 35 percent and will link 35,000-50,000 maize and soybean producing houses, as well as 10,000 poultry producing households, to the poultry supply chain.



Enhancing Growth in New Enterprises

Despite a high volume of of entrepreneurial activity, Ghana has a low rate of success in transforming small enterprises into larger, more productive companies, which can help to promote economic growth and create jobs. In 2013 with support from DFID, TechnoServe launched the Enhancing Growth in New Enterprises (ENGINE) project to support 1,000 small and growing businesses in Ghana over four and a half years. The program seeks to increase the revenue of 500 high potential entrepreneurs by an average of 400 percent, create 1,770 new jobs, and provide 300 start-ups with adequate access to finance through business plan competitions and business development services. At the end of its second year the program has given awards to 268 entrepreneurs, who have reported a growth in net revenue of 140 percent and created over 250 new jobs and connected 28 enterprises with access to financial products.



Mobile Training for Rural Farmers

With large rural populations in Africa, it can be difficult to reach farmers for training and traveling to training can be costly and time consuming for farmers. The Mobile Training Unit project is an innovative agricultural extension training approach, which allows for large groups of smallholder farmers to receive audio and visual training lessons in rural areas. In 2013, John Deere and TechnoServe launched the Mobile Training Unit (MTU) project to help farmers in Ghana and Kenya. The project not only provides training through videos and hands-on demonstration, but also strengthens the organizations and linkages that farmers need to prosper and – increasingly – helps these farmers to enjoy the benefits of mechanization. Since 2014, the project has benefitted 47,194 people, helping them to earn an extra $29.9 million of income.


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Ghana, Kenya
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Enhancing Food and Income Security

TechnoServe is helping farmers in marginalized areas of northern Ghana to earn more for their crops while ensuring a better food supply for the region. TechnoServe is training thousands of farmers to better grow peanuts, onions, corn and other staple crops, while also helping them access credit and markets. We are also helping several rice businesses to boost productivity and introduce value-added processing in order to meet local market demands and reduce dependence on imported rice.



Making Cocoa More Profitable

Ghana is one of the world's top producers of cocoa, a highly-demanded export crop grown by an estimated 700,000 farmers. TechnoServe trains cocoa farmer groups to operate as businesses and optimize their productivity so that the farmers can triple their incomes. Trainings on best farming practices have helped some producers quadruple their yields.



Growing the Cashew Industry

TechnoServe is an implementing partner in the African Cashew Initiative, which works to improve the volume and value of cashews produced and processed in Africa. TechnoServe’s role focuses on assisting cashew processing facilities, which create much-needed employment for women in rural areas. In Ghana, TechnoServe has provided four cashew processors with intensive technical assistance, helping create more than 1,000 jobs and purchasing from nearly 6,000 cashew farmers in 2012.



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