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In Brazil – South America's largest country, with a population of 200 million – nearly one in every ten people lives in poverty. While positive demographic shifts are building momentum with millions of Brazilians entering the middle class, many families remain vulnerable to even small economic shocks within unstable livelihoods and local economies.

1 in 10 Brazilians lives in poverty.

While inequality threatens Brazil’s future, its strong private sector represents an asset for inclusive economic growth. The Brazilian public sector and civil society have the capacity to identify and replicate successful models for development, and TechnoServe is well-placed to help create public-private partnerships that demonstrate measurable, sustainable improvements to people’s lives. For more than five years, TechnoServe has worked with leading companies across various sectors — such as Anglo American, AB Inbev, Walmart Foundation, Coopfam, and Cooxupé — to leverage the power of the private sector to catalyze a new future for Brazilian entrepreneurs, workers, and farmers.

Tatiana Coutinho

Tatiana CoutinhoCountry Director, Brazil

Opportunities Realized for Rural Youth in Brazil

Anglo American partnered with TechnoServe to provide personal and professional development to rural youth living in mining communities.

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Request for proposal: Consultant for Administrative Services and Data Organization

Para prestação de serviços administrativos e organização de dados do componente de jovens do Programa Crescer. Por favor, veja os detalhes neste pedido de proposta. Please see the details in the attached RFP for more information and to apply. Please note that the position is for…

ToR: External Technical Consultancy for Project Evaluation

TechnoServe is seeking proposals from external evaluators to conduct an assessment of the first phase results from TechnoServe Brazil's Crescer program, and the effectiveness and efficiency of its implementation approach. Click "English PDF" to download the RFP and Responses to Questions.