TechnoServe’s 2023 Year in Review

TechnoServe's 2023 year in review highlights some key milestones from a busy year tackling poverty around the globe.

Linda Balezi weeding coffee seedlings at the Virunga Coffee nursery in Katana, Kabare Territory, DRC. Part of TechnoServe's 2023 year in review.

This year was full of exciting developments for TechnoServe and the people we serve. We worked with thousands of small-scale farmers and business owners to help them earn higher incomes. And we worked within markets and institutions to ensure self-sustaining progress for their families and communities, far into the future. We’re proud to share our year in review below.

TechnoServe’s 2023 Year in Review

Look back on 2023 and the accomplishments that partners and supporters like you made possible.

A woman stands in her shop in Mozambique.
An entrepreneur in Mozambique stands in her shop.


Coffee farmers in the Michiti cooperative who previously participated in TechnoServe’s Coffee Initiative program. Photo by Olivia Sakai for TechnoServe.


1.3 million people and businesses increased their revenue in 2022 by working with TechnoServe, according to its annual report. As a result, 3.1 million people’s lives were improved, with nearly 30,000 benefiting from new or strengthened jobs. The report showed that for every $1 invested in TechnoServe’s work, program participants increased their revenue by an average of $5.04.



Artificial intelligence mapped Benin’s cashew crops for the first time, TechnoServe and partners reported. The team used remote sensing data and a machine learning algorithm to accurately analyze satellite imagery in order to identify the presence and density of cashew farms. This development will enable greater cashew farmer training at scale, and improve efforts to identify and discourage deforestation.

A coffee farmer in Rwanda inspects his trees. Part of TechnoServe's 2023 Year in Review.
Farmer Byagatonda Emmanuel, Mizero cooperative, Coffee Initiative, Nyanza district, Rwanda. Photo by Nile Sprague for TechnoServe.


After working with numerous corporations on improving supply chain sustainability, TechnoServe released a report on its findings. “Regenerative Transformation in Agricultural Supply Chains” provided a five-step process for building regenerative supply chains that benefit farmers and businesses.


TechnoServe helped to launch Millers for Nutrition, an industry-led coalition that will help millers produce adequately fortified staple foods that reach one billion people by 2026.

A green forest in Ethiopia Part of TechnoServe's 2023 Year in Review.
Shegole coffee farming cooperative in western Ethiopia.


Several TechnoServe experts spoke at COP28, the U.N.’s major climate change conference. CEO William Warshauer released an op-ed with WWF on the need to center farmers in the transition to sustainable food systems. 


TechnoServe co-authored a unique study on the role of social entrepreneurs in driving a shift to a circular economy (vs. a “make-take-dispose” orientation). It analyzed 40 cases of social enterprises adopting different circular strategies as models for future scale and replication.

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