What’s the Story Behind the Photo?

"The best thing that happened to me was to join this program."

Meet Lydia Wambui, owner of Mugendi Cereals and Retail Shop in Nairobi, Kenya. Consumers in Kenya buy up to 80% of their common household goods from small stores, or “dukas”, like Lydia’s–and the success of these shops is crucial to the local economy. 

Lydia’s shop looks bright and inviting–but it wasn’t always this way. When she started a TechnoServe entrepreneurship program a few years ago, Lydia learned finance, marketing, sales, and other skills to grow her business. These lessons also included guidance on improving her shop’s layout, cleanliness, and appeal to customers.

Soon, Lydia’s sales grew by 50%, and she enjoyed a 30% increase in her profits.

“I am a single mom of two,” Lydia says. “The best thing that happened to me was to join this program.”

Lydia’s shop before the TechnoServe training

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