Favorite Recipes from Around the World: 4-Part Thanksgiving Series

We’re sharing recipes straight from the kitchens of the men and women TechnoServe works with around the world.

coffee farmer in Peru

Part 3 of 4

Today we’re sharing a recipe created by a coffee farmer who worked with TechnoServe on a project to promote a more prosperous and inclusive coffee sector in Peru

Peru is the world’s second-largest producer of coca, after Colombia. For farming families in central Peru, coca production brought income but also a constant threat of violence. Back then, these regions were dominated by the drug trade. But today, families in former coca-growing areas are learning how to improve their livelihoods through coffee.

In 2018, TechnoServe worked with partners U.S. Agency for International Development, impact investment firm Althelia Ecosphere, global coffee roaster JDE, and coffee exporter Perhusa to benefit farming families in Peru. The team worked with farmers ins former coca-growing areas in the regions where coffee production is one of the most promising alternative development opportunities. By providing farmers with training on best practices for planting, rejuvenating, harvesting, and carrying out post-harvest activities for their coffee, farmers are now learning to replace coca with coffee–and are building peaceful futures and economies in Peru.

Experience the same sweet treat as these hardworking coffee farmers through the recipe below: 

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