5 smiling women in yellow t-shirts from Mozambique. Cover from Case study about integrating women as sales agents in distribution models.

Successful Practices to Integrate Women as Sales Agents in Distribution Models

This case study is one of a four-part series designed to explore the effectiveness of interventions across different sectors to increase women’s economic empowerment. The series includes case studies on achieving women’s economic empowerment through four of WIN’s intervention areas: media, financial
services, distribution and management tools and information.

Improving the sales agent model (an inclusive distribution model)-from hiring to retention – can be a win-win for companies as well as for the low-income women who are, or can be, part of the model. Sales agents represent the link between the brand and the customer, so setting up an efficient model, while challenging, is necessary. This case study brings together practices that are being successfully implemented by distribution and green energy companies, with a focus on including low-income women as sales agents.