Joska Aweko, Conservation Cotton Initiative

Grain Sector Climate Smart Awareness And Decision-Making

Nile Breweries, a subsidiary of AB InBev, has sought to improve their supply chains of sorghum and barley through local sourcing and sustainability commitments. This outcome story shares how Nile Breweries Limited leveraged the Guide to Assessing Climate Resilience in Smallholder Supply Chains, part of the USAID Feed the Future Learning Community for Supply Chain Resilience, to further understand their climate risks and the possible interventions available to build resilience against climate change. This case also highlights the challenge of private sector actors to justify resource use to combat climate change and the complexity of working with smallholder farmers. The case was developed by the Sustainable Food Lab, in 2018 and draws from the results of the climate resilience assessment and qualitative interviews with Nile Breweries and partner TechnoServe.