Employee Highlight

Interview with Rodrigue Djonh, Quality Specialist at Prosper Cashew

When did you join Prosper Cashew?
I joined Prosper Cashew team as a Quality Specialist on November 15, 2021

What do you do at Prosper Cashew?
As a quality specialist, I am in charge of capacity building in terms of quality of several cashew processing units in Cote d’Ivoire. My daily activities are organized as follows: review of AFI / BRC / HACCP quality standards… and check for any updates. I also review action plans drawn up in collaboration with our partner cashew factories. I collect updates from the factories on their progress, help them to review their KPIs, and visit them to validate improvements and provide technical assistance and troubleshoot any problems. I also have frequent working sessions with my Process Specialist colleagues to draft reports for our factory visit reports and our bi-weekly reports.

What was your best Prosper Cashew moment?
My best moment in Prosper Cashew has been our retreat in Bassam on July 04 and 05, which allowed us to strengthen our professional ties through several workshops that aimed to build our team spirit. I particularly liked the different games.

What are your thoughts on the West African cashew industry in general?
I think that the cashew industry in West Africa will experience considerable growth notably thanks to Ivory Coast that leads global production of raw cashew nuts and benefits from an environment that is conducive to processing and by political will.

When was the first time you tasted cashew?
I tasted cashew for the first time around 1998 during my childhood, but at the time it was not yet valued like today.

What do you like most about working at TechnoServe?
I appreciate that TechnoServe is committed to creating an environment where we can express our best, share ideas and work together.