Nigerian processors visit Indian processing equipment manufacturers


From February 26 to March 2, with funding from USDA’s Food for Progress program, Prosper Cashew and two partner processors from Nigeria (Abod Success and Diosis Group Nigeria) embarked on a learning trip to India, one of the major global cashew processing hubs.

The processors were taken to various commercial cashew processing and cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL) extraction plants in Mangalore, India to observe and evaluate the efficiency, productivity and ease of operation of the entire cashew process. Additionally, the processors were taken to the machine manufacturing workshops to understand what goes on behind the manufacturing and assembly of these machines and equipment. They were able to understand the various aspects of machine manufacturing and the importance of maintenance for longer life and better productivity through detailed discussions with the equipment manufacturers.

“We have been to four cashew processing factories and one CNSL extraction factory and I am impressed by what I have seen, especially the automatic shelling machine we saw in the last factory we visited. For the first time, I saw a machine I loved. This machine is unique in the sense that the CNSL spillage is zero and has other great technical features. This was my first trip to India and I would like to thank Prosper Cashew for the great opportunity.”  Mr. Tunde Odunuga  Managing Director of M/s Abod Success Investments Limited.


“This tour has been a very great experience and a very useful trip for me. I was able to be on site and to see how the machines are designed which has contributed a lot to my knowledge, I am very satisfied and will be able to transfer this knowledge to my company. ” Dr Adeyemi Isiba Managing Director of Diosis Group Nigeria.