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India’s economy has experienced tremendous growth in urban industries such as services and information technology. However, around 172 million Indians continue to live in poverty and of these, 69 percent live in rural areas. More than two-thirds of the population depends on agriculture—mostly at a small-scale or subsistence level—for their livelihoods.

69% of Indians live in rural areas.

TechnoServe works with women and men across rural India to:

Strengthen value chains: We work closely with smallholder farmers to enable them to grow high-value products, engage with private-sector companies and sell in profitable markets.

Foster entrepreneurship in poor communities: We provide business training and skills development support to women and men who want to create thriving, sustainable enterprises.

Support sustainable local economic development: Our market-led approach increases incomes for target groups, while also catalyzing economic and social development for the whole community.

Promote gender-inclusive communities: We integrate a gender lens throughout our programs and provide tailored support for women to expand their opportunities for sustainable livelihoods.

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Strengthening Food Security for Rural Families in India

As part of its global signature cause program, Breakfasts for Better Days, the Kellogg Company is partnering with TechnoServe to build a more sustainable and secure food future for smallholder farmers in Madhya Pradesh, India. By providing training to improve yields for farming businesses and by working with women from farming households to implement kitchen gardens, the partnership is increasing incomes and access to nutritious foods for rural families.


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