TechnoServe’s Regenerate 30 Commitment Highlighted at United Nations COP27 Climate Meeting

The recognition came as the development organization’s leaders participated in the dialogue in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt – International nonprofit TechnoServe has announced that the United Nations has selected its global commitment, Regenerate 30, for inclusion in the United Nations Climate Champions’ Compendium of Climate-Related Initiatives, a recognition of its significant potential for impact. 

Regenerate 30, announced in September at the Clinton Global Initiative, outlines TechnoServe’s vision for developing and scaling regenerative business solutions that create living incomes, cut emissions, and protect, manage and restore ecosystems.  By 2030, TechnoServe’s work will:

  • Benefit 30 million people in local communities 
  • Cut 30 million tons of GHG emissions 
  • Put 30 million acres of land under sustainable management
  • Mobilize $300 million in private-sector investment 

The commitment builds upon TechnoServe’s experience working with smallholder farmers, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders in more than 30 countries around the globe.

“We’re humbled that the Climate Change High-Level Champions have selected TechnoServe’s Regenerate 30 initiative for inclusion on the Compendium of Climate-Related Initiatives,” said Katarina Kahlmann, chief program officer at TechnoServe. “True success for a meeting like COP27 is turning words into action, and we are showing through our work on Regenerate 30 that there are existing, nature-based solutions that can be scaled up today to help boost climate resilience and combat emissions. We invite partners to join us in this effort.”

The honor came amid TechnoServe’s engagement at COP27, which gathered leaders from around the globe to identify solutions to the pressing challenge of climate change. At this year’s edition, TechnoServe leadership advocated for greater investment in climate adaptation, the need to identify solutions that simultaneously benefit smallholder farmers and the planet, and the central role of women entrepreneurs in building climate resilience. TechnoServe participated in:

The COP27 negotiations resulted in a breakthrough agreement to create a funding mechanism for loss and damage, in which wealthier countries that have generated most of the world’s carbon emissions will provide financing to help low- and middle-income countries recover from climate-related disasters like floods and droughts.

“The agreement of loss-and-damage funding marks one of the biggest advances since the Paris Climate Agreement,” said Floor Overbeeke, director of global regenerative business at TechnoServe. “Many of the details remain to be worked out, however, and it is essential that the global community ensures that the people on the frontlines of climate change–such as smallholder farmers who lose their harvests to drought and pests or coastal communities that lose their homes to flooding–can use these new funding mechanisms and investments as a lifeline to recover and rebuild.”

About TechnoServe

Founded in 1968, TechnoServe is a leader in harnessing the power of the private sector to help people lift themselves out of poverty for good. A non-profit organization working in 30 countries, we work with people to build a better future through regenerative farms, businesses, and markets that increase incomes. Our vision is a sustainable world where all people in low-income communities have the opportunity to prosper. 

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