TechnoServe Unveils New Plan to Dramatically Scale Progress Against Poverty

The international development nonprofit will expand work in areas critical to ending poverty, building on half a century of impact

ARLINGTON, VA – The international development nonprofit TechnoServe today released a new strategic plan to dramatically scale the organization’s impact in the fight against poverty within the next five years.

Building on TechnoServe’s 50-plus years of experience in market-based solutions to poverty, the organization will scale its work in the areas of:

  1. Fighting Climate Change and Nature Loss
  2. Creating Jobs
  3. Building More Nutritious, Inclusive, and Sustainable Food Systems

By expanding its impact in these, and other, critical sectors, TechnoServe aims to achieve the following by 2026:

  • Grow our clients’ annual revenue by $374 million per year
  • Support 650,000 direct beneficiaries per year
  • Increase the percentage of our clients who are women to 50%
  • Enable the creation, support, or placement of 80,000 jobs per year
  • Increase the number of youth beneficiaries by 25%
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase farmland under regenerative practices
  • Enable our clients to earn an additional $3 billion in sustainable income

TechnoServe’s expanded areas of focus reflect the greatest opportunities for impact against poverty in a rapidly changing world.

Unchecked, climate change and nature loss will push 132 million people into poverty in the next 10 years, while causing global agricultural productivity to decrease by 17% by 2050.

At the same time, the world’s growing population faces a jobs crisis: 90% of the world’s youth now live in low- or lower-middle income countries, with the global unemployment rate among youth is more than twice that of adults. Roughly 600 million new jobs will be needed by 2034 to meet youth employment demands.

Ending poverty also requires improving the inclusivity and sustainability of food systems, which support the livelihoods of nearly 60% of the world’s population. They also account for one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions and 80% of deforestation.

“In the last few years, the urgency of the challenges facing the world’s low-income people has become all too clear,” said William Warshauer, president and CEO of TechnoServe.

“Bolstering the environment, food security, and youth employment will unlock enormous progress in the fight against poverty–and is where TechnoServe already has a long track record of impact,” he added. “Our new plan takes our market-based approach to the next level: working across sectors, scaling up the most effective work, and leveraging creative partnerships to enable millions more people to build the better future they deserve.”

Learn more about TechnoServe’s “New Vision for Fighting Poverty”.

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Founded in 1968, TechnoServe is a leader in harnessing the power of the private sector to help people lift themselves out of poverty for good. A non-profit organization working in 30 countries, we work with people to build a better future through regenerative farms, businesses, and markets that increase incomes. Our vision is a sustainable world where all people in low-income communities have the opportunity to prosper.

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