TechnoServe’s Partnership with Cargill

Since 2000, Cargill has been a valued partner in TechnoServe’s mission to fight poverty by helping people build regenerative farms, businesses, and markets that increase incomes.

Working around the world in countries including Cote d’Ivoire, India, and Nicaragua, the partnership has:

  • Helped farmers improve their agricultural practices and increased access to inputs and markets 
  • Developed management skills among leaders of farmer cooperatives
  • Provided technical and business expertise to small and medium food processors and enterprises

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Learn more about how Cargill’s work with TechnoServe has helped thousands of men and women to lift themselves out of poverty for good.

Tamia Assari Kossia

The Co-op Academy Project is helping to create a professional and sustainable cocoa industry that benefits producers, their communities, and the Ivorian economy. The project has:

  • Trained more than 350 leaders from 90 cocoa cooperatives on leadership, organization, strategic management and business operations
  • Created nearly 1,200 new jobs
  • Increased incomes by nearly $1 million
  • Increased volume of cocoa sold by 1.1 billion kg
  • Helped mobilize $15.2 million in private sector finance

Project Awalé helps increase and diversify the income of cocoa farming households, focusing especially on women and youth. It will help 1,400 individuals to develop and grow income-generating activities to supplement livelihoods from cocoa.

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In India’s southwestern state of Karnataka, Cargill and TechnoServe have supported agricultural development for 5,000 farming households. The project has:

  • Trained nearly 5,000 farmers on business and agronomy, improving their incomes by 40%
  • Trained over 2,500 women in nutrition, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship
  • Supported youth in agribusiness development through the Cargill Agri-Fellows program
  • Provided learning material and improved sanitation for 46 schools, benefiting nearly 4,000 children 

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Cargill is a member of Partners in Food Solutions (PFS), which works with TechnoServe to help corporate volunteers share guidance and expertise with food processors in Africa. The partnership has:

  • Provided customized assistance to help nearly 500 food processors improve their business
  • Helped create more than 1,200 processing jobs
  • Supported the sale of more than 7.2 million metric tons of new/improved nutritious food
  • Helped provide a market for more than 1.3 million farmers
  • Helped mobilize $15.5 million in private sector finance

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The IMPULSOR program provided farmers with improved inputs–including more drought-resistant seeds–technical assistance and market access, helping fight both poverty and food insecurity. As a result, nearly 600 farmers improved their incomes and climate resilience, while increasing the amount of sorghum they sold to Cargill nearly four-fold.

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