Test Your Knowledge With Our World News Quiz: January 2024

Are you an informed global citizen? Test your knowledge of current events with TechnoServe's January 2024 world news quiz.

TechnoServe january 2024 world news quiz.

World News Quiz: January 2024

This month, test your knowledge of the latest world news by taking our quiz.

On January 15, Bernardo Arévalo was sworn in as the new president of this country, the most populous in Central America, famed for its coffee, biodiversity, and strong indigenous heritage.
Two African countries – the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa – are grappling this month with the catastrophic effects of which extreme weather event?
Global leaders gathered for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, this month. Among the many discussions was an increasing focus on the impact of climate change upon what issue?
Who said that his country was "all in when it comes to Africa" at the start of a diplomatic tour of the continent this month?
This month, the EU adopted a new law – and Australia introduced a proposed law – that would regulate businesses on what issue?