Vote for the Photo of the Month: October 2023

TechnoServe’s monthly photo series highlights the beauty and opportunity in the lives of our clients around the world.

TechnoServe’s work – fighting poverty around the world – is full of striking stories and images. Every month, we are honored to share uplifting images of the courageous journeys that our clients take to seize opportunities to build a better future. 

The 2023 UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP28) will take place in the United Arab Emirates from November 30 to December 12. Ahead of this important global event, this month’s photographs highlight the impact of climate change on smallholder farmers worldwide. Discussions at COP28 will underscore the importance of food systems and agriculture to the global climate agenda. Effective climate action is critical for millions of farmers who are already facing dire climate change impacts on their ways of life. 

Learn about our clients and the TechnoServe programs helping them adapt to climate change and build resilience to future climate threats. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite photo!

Photo 1:

TechnoServe Coffee Program Manager Midway Bhunu (left) examines a farmer’s drying coffee in Zimbabwe.

Midway Bhunu leads TechnoServe’s partnership with Nespresso, which is helping to rebuild Zimbabwe’s once-vaunted coffee sector. He grew up in Manicaland province, Zimbabwe, and has seen firsthand how climate change has affected the land and farmers’ livelihoods. 

“It is very important for farmers in Zimbabwe to learn how to protect their crops against climate change because climate change is real,” says Midway. “The farmers cannot stop climate change, so they need to adapt and protect their crops. I feel very proud to play a role in helping Zimbabwe’s farmers become more resilient. I feel that by doing that work, I am contributing toward building a sustainable agriculture sector and a resilient farming community for my country.” 

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Photo 2: 

A cashew farmer in Benin. TechnoServe’s BeninCaju program is strengthening the climate resilience of women in cashew-growing communities while improving the sector’s competitiveness overall. Photo by Seth Zworestine for TechnoServe. 

The effects of climate change are not distributed equally. Women farmers are more vulnerable to its impacts for several reasons, including having less access to resources and working on more marginal land. 

TechnoServe’s BeninCaju program is working to transform Benin’s cashew industry into a more inclusive system that supports women’s resilience to climate change and other shocks. 

“Women are more vulnerable to the impact of climate change around the world,” says Cristina Manfre, TechnoServe’s Global Gender Director. “By engaging with actors across value chains and food systems, we can help ensure women have the skills, resources, and power to better navigate this growing challenge.” 

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Photo 3: 

Vegetable farmers Bindu Devi and Macho Devi, members of a farmer producer organization, carry their produce in baskets to the local market in Machahi village, Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India. Photo by Suzanne Lee for TechnoServe.

Women are essential players in climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts. Unfortunately, due to their social and economic vulnerability, they are often disproportionately impacted by the effects of climate change. Women also have unique knowledge and perspectives that can help shape effective climate change policies and interventions. 

By supporting women in areas such as water management, agriculture, health, and education, they can better protect their livelihoods, families, and communities from the impacts of climate change. Ultimately, addressing gender inequality and promoting women’s participation in climate action is a matter of social justice and is critical for achieving sustainable development and a more resilient future.

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