Favorite Recipes from Around the World: 4-Part Thanksgiving Series

We’re sharing recipes straight from the kitchens of the men and women TechnoServe works with around the world.

coffee farmer in Honduras

Part 2 of 4

Today we’re sharing a recipe created by a farmer who worked with TechnoServe on a project to improve coffee and bean production in Honduras

With a population of more than nine million, 60% of Hondurans live in poverty, and food insecurity affects 72% of the country. Honduras is one of the largest coffee producers in Latin America and the third-largest bean producer in Central America.

For that reason, TechnoServe worked with more than 32,000 small- and medium-sized coffee and bean producers in Honduras to improve their crops, market opportunities, and incomes. As a result, farmers improved their coffee and bean yields by more than 50%, enabling them to increase their incomes and connect to better markets.

Experience the same meal as these hardworking farmers through the recipe below: 

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