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How Much Do You Know About Farmers and Climate Change?

Farmers in developing countries face growing threats from climate change, such as unpredictable weather patterns and more crop diseases and pests. Take our quiz to find out how much you know about how our changing climate is impacting these farmers, and how they are improving their resilience.

The world’s smallholder farmers are caught in a conundrum. They are among the most vulnerable to climate change, as rising temperatures wreak havoc on the weather and ecosystems upon which their livelihoods depend. And yet, these farmers are also part of a sector that generates roughly 11% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

Since agricultural production will only need to increase as the world’s population grows, one of the most critical challenges is to sustainably increase food production while helping farmers adapt to the realities of climate change.  However, these farmers often have difficulty adopting more environmentally friendly practices, either because they represent an extra expense – which farmers often cannot bear, as they already operate on very thin margins of profitability – or because the farmers don’t have access to the necessary materials and services. TechnoServe helps smallholder farmers around the world to develop the business skills and agricultural practices that improve their environmental impact while helping them withstand the challenges of a changing climate.

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