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Helping Africa’s Food Systems Respond to COVID-19

Kindra Halvorson, TechnoServe's Chief Transformation Officer, explores how COVID-19 is affecting farmers, food processors, and other small businesses within Africa’s complex food systems and how these can be strengthened through coordinated support.

Editor’s Note: The following excerpt was taken from a blog originally published by Farming First

Social distancing and restrictions on movement are making it more difficult to grow, transport, process, distribute and sell food. The World Food Programme estimates that millions more people could be pushed into hunger, while a poll taken across 12 African countries found that 80% of respondents were worried about having enough to eat.

The impacts of the crisis are far-reaching, with the situation threatening food security and livelihoods in both urban and rural areas. And as the crisis exacerbates underlying gender inequalities in accessing resources, earning and controlling income, and the amount of time spent on unpaid household responsibilities, women are being disproportionately impacted. However, by working across the value chain and supporting the small-and-medium-sized businesses that comprise each vital link, we still have the chance to mitigate this food crisis.

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