Earth Day 2022: 3 People Fighting for the Environment in Their Communities

Meet three environmental changemakers working with TechnoServe to make a difference in their communities.

Around the world, those who have contributed to climate change and environmental problems the least are experiencing their impacts the most. In the midst of this are resourceful men and women working to combat climate change and improve their communities. This Earth Day, dive into the stories of a few of these global changemakers.

The Lake Defender

Victoria Mwafulirwa, Malawi

“It is my wish to see that people have alternative livelihoods that will take them away from the lake and allow the biodiversity to regenerate and the fish to grow.”

Victoria Mwafulirwa

The Ecosystem Builders

Elisa Alicea Sanchez and Javier Hernandez Velez, Puerto Rico

“On the climate side, developing the farm while being responsible for the environment and creating as little impact on the environment was a challenge, but a worthy one.”

Elisa Alicea Sanchez

The Teacher

TechnoServe farmer trainer Midway Bhunu inspects a farmer’s coffee crop in Zimbabwe

“When I visit farmers, they tell me that they are facing numerous challenges related to climate change…Unless farmers have the skills to protect their crops, losing them will mean losing their livelihoods…I feel very proud to play a role in helping Zimbabwe farmers become more resilient.

Midway Bhunu