Brazil, South America's largest country, has one in ten people living in poverty, Major, positive demographic shifts are building momentum with up to 100 million Brazilians entering the middle classes. Nevertheless, many families remain vulnerable to even small economic shocks and there are now greater expectations of the population regarding the role of the private and public sectors to create prosperity for the majority.

While inequality threatens Brazil’s future, its strong private sector represents an asset for inclusive economic growth. In addition, the capable Brazilian public sector and civil society can identify and replicate successful models for development. TechnoServe is well-placed to help create public-private-development partnerships that demonstrate measurable, sustainable improvements to people’s lives. Our nascent operations in Brazil reflect the targeted, catalytic role we believe represents the greatest value we can bring within the country’s development context.


To date, TechnoServe has completed a pilot program in the south of the State of Bahia generating benefits for 60 farmers who live on settlements created after agrarian reform. The program developed an outgrowing model for the farmers in partnership with an agro-processing company, Inaceres, and an impact investor, Instituto Ventura. Farmers obtained long term credit of $5,400 and technical assistance to establish a high value horticultural product, heart of palm, generating on average close to $400 per month in income for each family. Inaceres has since adopted the model for replication and scale up to ensure it obtains a high quality, reliable supply of product, benefiting even more smallholder farming communities in the area.

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Smallholder Farmer Integration

TechnoServe’s two-year pilot project in Southern Bahia State helped 60 smallholder farmers to diversify their crops and integrate into the value chain of a leading national agro-processing company, Inaceres. Through an innovative partnership with Inaceres and Institute Ventura, a Brazilian organization that promotes the development of environmentally sustainable businesses, TechnoServe identified a market for hearts of palm, a high-value gourmet delicacy in Brazil. In addition to establishing a long-term relationship with the buyer, participating farmers received training and access to finance to establish palm tree plantations, which will allow the farmers to increase their incomes by 80 percent.



Promoting Best Practices in Agronomy and Sustainability

TechnoServe is implementing a two year program to deliver training to 3,000 smallholder farmers in agronomy and sustainability best practices, supported by the corporate foundation of a global retailer. The empowerment of women in the participating rural communities is of particular focus, with 1,500 of the targeted beneficiaries being women. Program activities are taking place in the North East region of Brazil, consisting of the development and deployment of innovative technologies alongside traditional training delivery approaches. TechnoServe is convening an inclusive partnership of farmer training actors in the North East to ensure the sustainability and replication of results.



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