Voices of Resilience:

Meet 6 Women Who Grew Stronger & Built a Better Life in the Face of COVID-19

Explore the stories of six determined women around the world who fought the pandemic’s impact on their families — and succeeded.


Elisabeth Atchade

Cashew Farmer

Tchaourou, Benin

How A Cashew Farmer in Benin Created Opportunities out of Covid-19’s Challenges

The training has helped us overcome the difficult times of the pandemic and be more resilient.”

Meet Elisabeth Atchade

Juliana Solís Barón

Coffee Shop Owner 

Moyobamba, Peru 


How A Coffee Shop Entrepreneur in Peru Found Motivation In Collaboration

I am motivated by the farmers and my collaborators.”

Meet Juliana Solís Barón

N. Mangamma

Smallholder Farmer

Andhra Pradesh, India


How A Farmer in India Found Hope in the Faces of her Children

I want to see my children secure good jobs in the future.”

Meet N. Mangamma

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Juliana Mário

Grocery Shop Entrepreneur

Maputo, Mozambique


How A Mozambican Entrepreneur Built the Confidence and Self-Reliance to Make it Through COVID

I consider myself a strong woman with many business ideas.”

Meet Juliana Mário

Gomti Devi

Smallholder Farmer

Andhra Pradesh, India


How A Smallholder Farmer Found Help From Her Community in a Time of Need

I have received a very good response from the village on my new shop and am optimistic about its growth in the future.”

Meet Gomti Devi

Catarina Bié

Takeout Shop Entrepreneur

Maputo, Mozambique


How a Shopkeeper in Mozambique’s Vision of a Brighter Future Guided Her Through the Pandemic

This learning gave me the vision and support I needed to maintain my business and support my family.”

Meet Catarina Bié

Thank you for taking the time today to read our clients’ stories of building resilience to overcome adversity during COVID-19.