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1) What does food insecurity mean?

Answer: D, Lacking regular access to enough safe and nutritious food for normal growth and development. This definition from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N. illustrates how food insecurity is not just about getting enough food to survive, but getting safe and nutritious food that will lead to healthy development.

TechnoServe works with food processors to help them gain business benefits from fortifying their products with essential vitamins and minerals. This helps millions of people access healthier food and fight food insecurity.

2) How many people go to bed hungry every night?

Answer: C, 811 million. That’s a group of people equivalent in size to about 2.5 times the U.S. population. See how TechnoServe uses a business approach to help solve food insecurity while growing incomes across global food systems.

3) By how much have global food prices increased since mid-2020?

Answer: D, 75%. Food prices have jumped 75% since mid-2020, according to the FAO’s Food Price Index. Despite growing much of the world’s food, smallholder farmers don’t benefit from high food prices as much as might be expected. Here’s why.

4) Roughly how much of the world’s food is produced by smallholder farmers?

Answer: B, one-third. Farms smaller than five acres produce roughly one-third of the world’s food; however, some estimates place the amount much higher, at around 70%. When farm supplies like synthetic fertilizer are expensive, as they are now, this places a serious burden on smallholder farmers. They may use less fertilizer and therefore reduce their crop yields and incomes. TechnoServe is working with farmers around the world on organic fertilizer and other methods to improve farmer yields without burdensome costs.

5) In sub-Saharan Africa, domestic supply chains (usually dominated by small- and medium-sized enterprises) account for approximately what percentage of food consumed? 

Answer: D, 75-90%. Domestic supply chains account for most of the food consumed in sub-Saharan Africa. Small and medium-sized businesses in particular are extremely important for supplying food to consumers in low-income countries. TechnoServe works closely with many such enterprises to improve their resilience and profitability, boosting local food security and economic development.

You can ensure that small-scale farmers and businesses can earn reliable incomes and promote food security for all.

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