Improving the Poultry Sector

Poultry provides a key protein source to satisfy Ghana’s growing population demands; however the poultry industry suffers from high production costs, inadequate technical knowledge, intense competition from imported poultry meat and inefficient market linkages. The Ghana Poultry Project (GPP), funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and implemented in partnership with ACDI/VOCA, will increase the competitiveness of the domestic production and processing of poultry meat and eggs. The project will facilitate partnerships and access to finance, build capacity of producer and trade organizations and increase demand for domestically produced poultry meat and eggs. The five-year project will increase sales by 35 percent and will link 35,000-50,000 maize and soybean producing houses, as well as 10,000 poultry producing households, to the poultry supply chain.