What is a Market System?

Learn about market systems and how TechnoServe makes them work for people and communities facing poverty.

TechnoServe works with enterprising people in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses and industries. In order to achieve our mission, we operate as a catalyst and partner to strengthen market systems – the networks of buyers, sellers and other actors that come together to trade in a given product or service. We focus on market systems that have:

  • A clear opportunity – an unmet demand for a product or service
  • The potential for inclusive growth that benefits poor people in their roles as producers, entrepreneurs, employees or consumers
  • The potential for scale – impacting significant numbers of families

One example where TechnoServe has experience is the poultry market system. At one end of the system are the producers who grow chicken and eggs for sale; on the other end are the consumers who eat them. But in between are many other participants who supply the industry or influence the business environment. Understanding how all the participants interact is a crucial step in strengthening the market system.