MozaCajú trains cashew farmers on crop protection techniques

Under the sprawling branches of a large cashew tree, Angelo Levi, MozaCajú production lead, gazes at a group of farmers who have gathered to attend a training on the chemical treatment of cashew trees.

According to Levi, the chemical treatment training is one of the most important trainings of the crop season.  The correct application of chemical treatment helps to ward off disease and pests and could double cashew production, thus significantly impacting the livelihoods of these smallholder cashew farmers.   

MozaCajú teaches both the technical, agronomic approach for spraying as well as the business implications of investing in spraying, for example maximizing return on investment through selection of productive trees.  Additionally, MozaCajú facilitates access to chemicals and machines for these farmers so that they are able to continue to produce cashew at increased levels in the future.

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