MozaCajú celebrates its female promoters on International Women’s Day

March 2017 – International Women’s Day

Cashew farming communities in northern Mozambique have been experiencing firsthand the important contributions that women can make when they are empowered to make a difference.

Since 2014, MozaCajú, a USDA-funded project that supports production, processing, and marketing of cashew along the entire value chain, has been working to support female cashew farmers to become more actively involved in agricultural activities and livelihoods.  MozaCajú recognizes that investments in women have big impacts on the economic and social well-being of the household and community and has made deliberate efforts to reach out to women to include them in various roles, most especially as farmer promotion agents. 

To date, these female farmer promotion agents have contributed to the increase in cashew nut yields and incomes by helping to teach farmers new production techniques thereby helping to increase the sustainability of the cashew industry for years to come.

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