Cashew farmers in Mozambique prepare for a busy harvest season

Alda Filomena André, a cashew farmer from the village of 3 de Fevereiro in Nangade district, enjoys showing off her young, green cashew nuts that have begun to emerge on many of her cashew trees.  Alda and her husband have worked hard throughout the year to get to this point and are now busy preparing for the harvest.

As one of the 23,000 farmers participating in the MozaCajú project, they have spent the last few months pruning and cleaning their cashew trees, i.e. eliminating branches that are dry, diseased or no longer productive.  Currently they are in the process of spraying to protect the trees from pests and disease.  Their goal is to have a harvest even more plentiful than the last and they are hopeful that this year it will happen.

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