Learn more about our progress and lessons learned from our work in the developing world.

Annual Reports

2017 Impact Report

Explore our 2017 results and our approach to building inclusive markets.

2016 Annual Report

Read our 2016 Annual Report online or download the PDF below to see how we made a difference in the lives of 3 million people.



World - September 2017

Explore Our New Results Portal; Impact of Foreign Aid Cuts; Innovation Helps Mango Farmers; New Sampling Method Aids Farmers; and more.

World - June 2017

Project's First Female Farming Mentor; Gender Equity and Peace in Colombia; Driving Change in El Salvador; and more.


White Papers & Reports

MozaCajú Impact Report

This report outlines four years of impact and insights from the MozaCajú program, which supported the Mozambican cashew nut industry by harnessing global market demand for premium cashew and addressing obstacles throughout the value chain, including production, inputs, processing, finance, and marketing.

Private Sector Guide to Leveraging Public-Private Partnerships to Build Inclusive Business Models

This white paper published by TechnoServe and Concordia presents four challenges and solutions for delivering inclusive business for a sustainable food supply.


Case Studies

Improving Livelihoods by Saving Animals

This case study explores the Innovations in Outcome Measurement's initiative to expand commercial livestock services across Kenya's rangelands by evaluating which business models can provide sustainable agrovet services to pastoralist communities.

Eyes in the Sky for African Agriculture, Water Resources, and Urban Planning

This case study explores how advances in drone-assisted imaging and mapping services can bring new income and efficiency to economic development in East Africa.


Fact Sheets

Local Sourcing: Building Local Supply Chains for More Competitive and Inclusive Businesses

Overview of TechnoServe's work and strategy around building local supply chains to the benefit of corporations and suppliers alike.

The Lasting Impact of TechnoServe’s Work with Coffee Farmers

Triple Line was contracted by TechnoServe to evaluate the impact of the East Africa Coffee Initiative (2008-11) in Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia with the objective of helping smallholder farmers to improve productivity and increase incomes.