Zambia has registered impressive economic growth in recent years. However, poverty is still widespread and the country continues to depend heavily on revenue from copper exports. Economic diversification was named top priority for a new government, elected in September 2011.

The government spends more than 10 percent of its budget on agriculture, traditionally in large part to support maize production. While recent reductions in the government’s maize subsidy program have led to uncertain times for many small farmers, the reductions have provided an opportunity for farmers to focus on other crops with strong market potential. TechnoServe is supporting key business and industries across the agricultural supply chain to achieve broad-based and inclusive economic growth, from smallholder farmers to food processors.

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Partners in Food Solutions-TechnoServe Alliance

The Partners in Food Solutions (PFS)-TechnoServe Alliance matches the expertise of leading global food companies with the needs of African-based food processing companies in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia.
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Technical Assistance Facility

Access to finance is an obstacle to entrepreneurship, particularly in the agricultural sector in Africa. The African Agriculture Fund (AAF), a private equity fund, was created to help increase investment in agriculture and agribusiness in the region with the ultimate objective of increasing food security. TechnoServe serves as the implementing agency of the Technical Assistance Facility (TAF), which provides technical assistance to the portfolio companies invested in by the AAF. The TAF is funded primarily by the European Union and managed by IFAD. As of 2016 the TAF has funded 32 projects with 10 portfolio companies across Africa and supported five SMEs with their growth strategies. TAF has committed €3.6m and has €3.4m remaining for projects in the pipeline.
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Improving Food Security

With the support of the U.S. Agency for International Development and in partnership with Partners in Food Solutions, a consortium of three global food manufacturers (General Mills, Cargill, Royal DSM and Bühler), TechnoServe launched a five-country initiative to improve the quality and quantity of nutritious, processed food in Africa. In Zambia, we are currently assisting nine processors, with over 37 different technical and business development projects that will increase their capacity and efficiency, and improve the quality and safety of their products. The processors currently engaged represent Corn Soy Blend and fortified flours, dairy, vegetable oil, jams and sauces, baked goods, fish feed and snacks. TechnoServe has also trained about 100 food processing participants in food quality and safety management systems and flour fortification with micronutrients. In addition, TechnoServe has invited Root Capital to conduct a preliminary analysis of food processing enterprises’ financial needs.



Commercializing Therapeutic Food Supplements

As an implementing partner of the Zambia Nutrition, Assessment, Counseling, and Support (ZAMNACS) program, TechnoServe is helping to support an innovative program to improve the nutritional status of people living with HIV and developing new market opportunities for local food processors and retailers. TechnoServe is working with selected Zambian food processors to commercialize affordable fortified food supplements known as HEPS through both clinical settings and private retail outlets. Partners in Food Solutions, a consortium of multinational food processing companies, is also lending expertise to the project by providing state-of-the-art technical assistance to processors, including market testing, product safety/certification and distribution strategy.



Providing Market Linkages for Smallholder Soya Farmers

Through a grant made by the Technical Assistance Facility, TechnoServe is helping 500 smallholder soya farmers integrate into the supply chain of Goldenlay, a poultry layer company located in Zambia’s Copperbelt province. The program, called 3SP, will facilitate the adoption of good agricultural practices and access to finance for local farmers selling to Goldenlay. The project will also explore the introduction of de-hulling and harvesting equipment for local soya producers. 3SP’s ultimate goal is to increase household incomes and food security, laying the foundation for sustainable, local economic growth.



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