Despite steady growth, Benin’s economy remains underdeveloped and overly dependent on subsistence agriculture and cotton production.

Cashews have become an increasingly important export crop, though the majority of nuts are exported in their raw form without the significant added value of processing. TechnoServe is working to expand economic opportunities in Benin by helping cashew processors raise their production levels and connect with lucrative markets, while creating jobs in rural areas where unemployment is high.


TechnoServe has provided comprehensive technical assistance to help five Beninese cashew processors establish and expand operations, increasing their production by nearly 150 percent. These cashew processing companies employ more than 1,200 people, 63 percent of whom are women. TechnoServe also helped three of these processors to establish a service company, Benin Gold, to market and export their products under one brand. Together, the companies are able to save costs on logistics and marketing, fill orders more quickly and better manage cash flows.

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Building a Vibrant Cashew Processing Industry

TechnoServe is an implementing partner in the African Cashew Initiative, which works to increase the quantity and quality of cashews produced and processed on the continent. In Benin, TechnoServe provides processors with technical assistance to open new factories and make existing facilities more productive and profitable. Participating processors receive hands-on training in food safety, quality control and other aspects of production to help their products comply with internationally recognized standards. In addition to providing operational assistance, TechnoServe helps link processors to financing and international buyers.



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