Values and Culture

Our Vision

A sustainable world where all people in low-income communities have the opportunity to prosper.

Our Mission

To fight poverty by helping people build regenerative farms, businesses, and markets that increase incomes.


TechnoServe Values


We are passionate about helping all people create meaningful and measurable improvement in their lives that persists long after our work with them ends.


We engage our colleagues, clients, and partners with a spirit of collegiality, open dialogue, and mutual respect.


We try new things and build on what we’ve learned. We’re bold and willing to take smart risks in pursuit of our mission. We are resourceful and see opportunities where others see problems.


We do what we say and say what we do, holding ourselves and each other to the highest standards of integrity and transparency.

TechnoServe Culture

The change we seek to make in the world will only be possible if we continue to attract and retain world-class talent. We can do that if we create and nurture ways of working with each other that:

  • Reflect our passion for service and impact.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to our people, empowering them as leaders and investing in opportunities for them to learn and develop.
  • Promote frank sharing of ideas and perspectives in a way that is respectful, inclusive, and productive.
  • Encourage our commitment to excellence and integrity in our work and quality in the programs we deliver.
  • Have a bias for action. Living our values requires us to make things happen and get things done.
  • Enable smart, evidence-based decision-making and an ability to learn and change course in the face of new circumstances and opportunities.
  • Cultivate inclusive and equitable workplaces. We adopt practices and behaviors to reduce bias and inequality and create supportive and safe environments for our staff and our clients.
  • Celebrate success—our clients’ and our own. We enjoy what we do, have fun, and seek balance in our lives.