Qualifications and Career Journeys

TechnoServe employs more than 1,800 people, 95 percent of whom are host-country nationals working in the field. Our staff combines business expertise with local knowledge, relationships, and context to help hardworking men and women generate income, jobs, and wealth for their families and communities.

Although most of our employees are involved directly in technical programs, working at TechnoServe doesn’t mean that you must have a deep background in international development. While we expect all of our employees to have a passion for our mission, we are always looking for qualified professionals for our important back-office functions like Finance, Human Resources, IT, and Marketing.

Job Levels and Titles

At TechnoServe, all our jobs are associated with a level from 1 – 12. 

As you consider our open jobs, these descriptions provide you with the general scope of responsibilities.

These positions are typically field-based roles. Employees in these grades are responsible for providing general support, including logistical, programmatic, and custodial.

Our Coordinators and Administrators execute transactions and ensure process integrity. They review data and verify multi-step transactions based on a solid understanding of subjects. Sample responsibilities might include providing professional, high-quality guidance and support services to our internal and external clients and partners while supporting a department or division.

Depending on the level, these positions require 2-4 years of experience.

Specialists, Analysts, and Advisors at TechnoServe are typically individual contributors who provide highly specialized skills to support a specific function or program. They ensure sustained delivery and provide conceptual analysis to propose proactive solutions. Sample responsibilities might include supporting a range of strategic products, including analytical initiatives aligned with a practice’s vision of strengthening commercial markets for smallholder farmers and enabling the transition to regenerative agriculture.

Depending on the level, these positions require 3-5 years of experience. 

Depending on the level, managers may supervise an individual or up to a team of people with similar skills. They manage a project, complex service, or activity and are seen as experts in the organization. Sample responsibilities could include delivery on the development and implementation of a practice or program strategy, including representation of TechnoServe with donors and partners.

Our manager positions typically require at least 7 years of experience (but some roles will consider 5 years of experience with an advanced degree). 


Directors at TechnoServe innovate, integrate and transform. They manage teams, and design new programs and policies that address emerging business priorities. Our directors are thought leaders to both internal and external partners. Sample responsibilities include leading aspects of TechnoServe’s strategic branding, fundraising, and operations to achieve sustainable economic development in a country, region, or in one of our areas of excellence. 

Director positions typically require 10-15 years of experience. 

Career Journeys

Modern careers are no longer ladders—they are lattices of vertical and horizontal opportunities, shaped by personal and professional aspirations, in addition to company needs.

Fast Company, 2021

Some of our employees have spent the majority of their careers at TechnoServe—and we think that’s wonderful! But we know that not every candidate is looking for a long-term commitment, and we are thankful and grateful for employees who give us their best for a few years and then move on to great new things. We’re proud to be part of the success of anyone dedicated to making the world a better place.

At TechnoServe, we still have traditional levels within job functions fields (i.e., Programs Coordinator, Programs Analyst, Programs Senior Analyst, etc.); however, many of our employees decide many of our employees decide to pursue transitions across various functions and business units, following their professional aspirations and passions.

We work in over 25 countries and across a range of many programs (i.e., agriculture, entrepreneurship, regenerative business).  We also have an in-house consulting firm that works closely with corporations to help solve social impact challenges.  So there are usually a host of opportunities for our employees to pursue.