Anamika and Linda

Compensation and Benefits

TechnoServe’s compensation programs are designed to support the organization’s strategy while simultaneously reflecting our mission and values. 

Our approach to compensation is based on the following principles:


We have simple and clear structures and processes that ensure employees understand their pay and how it might change over time.


Pay should be competitive enough to attract and retain a high-caliber workforce, yet not extravagant, with resources focused on improving the lives of our beneficiaries. As such, we set our salary ranges to reflect the midpoint of the market.


Pay ranges are based on external benchmarks and market data related to the cost of labor—obtained through robust salary surveys against relevant comparators.


TechnoServe’s approach to pay—including a focus on internal equity and pay for performance– ensures that pay is not influenced by employee demographics such as gender, ethnicity, or race.


Pay for high performers should be materially better than that for less competent performers.


TechnoServe pays its employees in line with all local labor laws, including (but not limited to) minimum wage, overtime, currency, and mandatory allowances and benefits.

Salary Ranges

TechnoServe salary ranges consist of a minimum, a midpoint, and a maximum and are intentionally “wide” enough to accommodate a variety of pay levels within any range. Some employees will be paid at the lower end of the range, others towards the middle of the range and others towards the top of the range. The salary range is the market pay for jobs in the range.

Determining where an individual employee should fall within a Salary Range depends upon several factors, primarily relevant experience levels and performance. In general:

  • Employees who are relatively new to a position—or employees who may be struggling in a position—are usually in the first third of the salary range
  • Employees who are fully competent and solid performers are usually in the middle third of the salary range.
  • Employees who are considered experts in their jobs by virtue of experience, as well as high performance, are often in the top third

Within any group of employees, we would expect to see a healthy mix of individuals across all three categories. For example, there might be three Advisors working on the same project, all paid slightly differently (but within the range for that job) based on their relative experience and performance levels.


TechnoServe strives to provide employees with a wide range of market-leading benefits that are comprehensive and competitive within our industry. These benefits are carefully selected and reviewed every year. 

Because benefits vary greatly from country to country, we are not able to provide a comprehensive list since TechnoServe hires staff in 30+ countries around the world.