Application Guidance

To ensure a fair and transparent recruitment process, all positions at TechnoServe are posted on our external website and openly competed for. 

Because over 90% of TechnoServe staff are based in their home countries, many of our opportunities require work authorization from the country where we are recruiting. For positions with a work location of “Remote,” please read the job description for information on work authorization eligibility. TechnoServe has a market-based compensation approach, and remuneration packages are determined (in part) by the location in which the employee is based for the position.

We are grateful for all of the talented individuals who want to be part of TechnoServe, and many of our positions receive upwards of 100 qualified applicants. Even if you are not selected for a particular position, please continue to apply when your skills, qualifications, and interests are a match! 

All applications are rigorously reviewed against the duties, responsibilities, and qualifications outlined in the job description. And while the exact process varies by position, most recruitments follow a similar cycle.

Positions are Posted

Vacancies are advertised on our website, and only applications submitted through the TechnoServe career site will be considered. 

  • Create a job notification on our career site, so you are notified when a position of interest is advertised.

Candidates Apply

Some positions are posted with an application deadline. If a position is posted without a deadline, it means we are accepting applications until a finalist has been identified. 

  • Don’t wait to apply! Even if a position does not have an application deadline, hiring managers are often eager to start interviewing qualified applicants. 
  • Attach a resume or a succinct summary of your CV. 
  • Check your resume for typos and spelling errors.

Applications are Reviewed

Recruiters and hiring managers review applications and shortlist profiles that most closely match the required and preferred qualifications listed in the job posting. 


Follow all application instructions. Your application might be passed over if you fail to include necessary information like a cover letter or work samples.

Short-listed Candidates are Screened

Depending on the number of short-listed candidates, recruiters typically conduct phone/video screenings of the top five to 10 profiles. During the thirty-minute screening, recruiters will ask questions about your interest in the position, motivation to apply, interest in TechnoServe, general experience, availability, and salary expectations.

Candidates are Interviewed and Assessed

Our selection process typically includes at least two-panel interviews and, sometimes, a short, skills-based assessment. 

For most positions,* the interview format follows informational and situational-based questions and could have two to four panelists who will rotate asking questions. Interviews are usually around 60 minutes in duration and will be conducted by video conference or in person. 

Skills-based assessments are directly related to a position’s responsibilities and may evaluate writing and/or editing abilities, analytical skills, or software proficiencies necessary for success.

  • Prepare for your interview 
  • Make sure you know if the interview is in person or a video conference. If it’s a video conference, test your camera, audio, and internet connection before the interview. Be sure to be in a quiet place without a lot of background noise where you won’t be distracted. 
  • If it’s an in-person interview, plan to arrive ten minutes prior to the interview start time. 
  • Review the job description and think about how your skills and experience align with the responsibilities and qualifications. 
  • Have your resume or CV in front of you so you can speak about your career and accomplishments succinctly. 
  • Prepare two to three questions for the interview panelists. Even if you don’t have questions about the job responsibilities, you can ask questions about why someone likes working at the organization or why they decided to join. 
  • It’s OK to take notes during the interview

*Positions on our Strategic Initiatives team require a case-style interview format.

An Offer is Extended

Once the selection process has concluded, the recruiter will notify the successful candidate to inform them that we will be extending an offer of employment. Prior to sending an offer letter or employment contract, appropriate pre-offer checks may be conducted, including professional references and if necessary, donor approval. 

Unsuccessful Candidates are Notified 

At the conclusion of the recruitment process, all applicants will be informed that a selection has been made. If you have made it through the interview stage, you should expect to receive specific feedback as to why a more qualified candidate was selected. You may also be asked to complete a short survey about your candidate experience.