Welcome to our virtual cookbook featuring delicious dishes our clients around the world love to cook. These interesting recipes offer a chance to gain cultural insights about an essential part of life and connection: the meals we share with our loved ones.

Just like you, our hardworking clients love keeping their families nourished and connecting with friends in their communities over a delicious meal. 

We also invite you to learn more about the training programs our hardworking clients participate in to improve their incomes.

As you read about each dish, think about how food helps us all stay connected with our loved ones no matter where we live, and how food security is an essential factor in quality of life. 


Recipe 1:

Trompo Tacos

  • Contributed by: Yuri Ramírez Valero and Armando Esquivel Muñoz
  • TechnoServe Program: Ideas Con Valor
  • Location: Zacatecas, Mexico

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Featured Blog – Sweet Success: Growing Small Businesses in Mexico


Just three years ago, Panadería Palmas was a very small business in a very small town. Back then, Sandra Lucía Gutiérrez Carrera and Epifanía Morquecho Herrera were baking their cakes and breads in a tiny kitchen, located in the rural community of Palmas Grandes, Mexico.

Their business averaged little more than $300 in monthly sales…

But they wanted to build something bigger.


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Recipe 2:

Coffee Cake

  • Contributed by: Santa Rosa de Oso and San Antonio de Padua
  • TechnoServe Program: Alianza Café Project
  • Location: San Martin, Perú

Watch this video to learn more about TechnoServe’s Alianza Café:


Recipe 3:

Decorated Sugar Donuts

How can charitable giving fight poverty? Page hero image -Maize procurement in Uttar Pradesh, India

In India, women often face gender-specific challenges that limit their ability to achieve their full potential. TechnoServe is working to identify and support women leaders in male-dominated spaces, such as in farmer producer organizations throughout the states of Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

Learn how TechnoServe & Walmart are helping smallholder farmers in Mexico

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