Help reduce poverty and food insecurity

More income also means more access to food

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How Can You Help Solve 2 Key Problems That Cause Food Insecurity?

Your charitable gift to TechnoServe helps address two critical problems at the heart of food insecurity:

  1. Access to safe and healthy food
  2. The money to afford it

Your Gift Helps Many People in Low-income Countries Who Support the Food System

TechnoServe’s programs for smallholder farmers, food processors, and small business owners not only make more food available, safe, and nutritious, but also help hardworking people earn the income they need to buy food and keep their families and communities fed.

When you donate to TechnoServe, your charitable gift helps to support many of the smallholder farmers and small business people who are part of the food system:  farmers, food processors, micro-retailers, as well as consumers.  By supporting them, your gift can help to reduce food insecurity in low income countries.

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