Gender Equality Policy (2022)

TechnoServe recognizes the vital role of women and men, in all their diversity, in driving economic and social progress and strives to build inclusive and competitive markets that generate sustainable economic opportunities for all people as entrepreneurs, farmers, and employees. We focus on women specifically because women often face greater discrimination and more severe constraints than men to participate in and benefit from the economy. Addressing these inequalities is critical to enhancing the scale and deepening the impact of our programs. We recognize that engaging, empowering, and benefitting women and men is required to maximize inclusive, climate and nature-positive economic growth and achieve widespread prosperity. 

We aim to achieve parity in the share of women and men who financially benefit from our programs and enable them to translate their economic participation into positive outcomes for them, their families, and communities. This policy describes TechnoServe’s commitment to advancing gender equality and women’s economic empowerment through our work and in our workplaces.