Webinar Recordings

COVID-19 Global Town Hall

TechnoServe’s Chief Program Officer Katarina Kahlmann hosts a global town hall to discuss the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on communities in developing countries.


TechnoServe Town Hall: Supporting Entrepreneurs in Crisis

John Keightley, VP of Development and Communications, and Juan Carlos Thomas, Global Entrepreneurship Director, share TechnoServe’s initiatives to empower entrepreneurs during COVID-19.


How to Make Remote Learning Impactful

Jonathan Barnow, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives shares innovations in remote learning to support TechnoServe’s clients in developing countries.



How Women Entrepreneurs in Mozambique Are Confronting COVID-19

Sarah Bove, project manager at TechnoServe’s Business Women Connect Mozambique, shares challenges faced by women entrepreneurs during the pandemic and innovative solutions to address them.


Confronting Africa’s Food Security Crisis

John Keightley, VP of Development and Communications and Brent Wibberley, Director of Food Processing, share TechnoServe’s initiatives to strengthen food security in Africa during COVID-19. 


Understanding the Impending Food Security Crisis in Africa

TechnoServe’s Chief Transformation Officer, Kindra Halvorson shares TechnoServe’s initiatives with food processors across Africa working to address food insecurity.


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