Increasing Sales for Micro-Enterprises in Zacatecas

In August 2016, Goldcorp and TechnoServe Mexico partnered to launch the Entrepreneurship and Business Development program, which aims to create inclusive economic growth in the communities surrounding the Goldcorp Minera Peñasquito (MP) mining operation in Zacatecas, Mexico. The program provides business support tailored to the specific needs of local entrepreneurs, providing the skills, knowledge and tools they need to build successful businesses, develop strong markets, and create income and jobs throughout these communities. The program's methodology is based around the implementation of best practices in business development. These skills are taught in customized workshops that cover general themes around entrepreneurship, business planning, finance, marketing, accounting and production, among others key skills. Along with these workshops, each beneficiary works with a business advisor (BA), who provides tailored consultancy services and customized mentoring. This BA works closely with the entrepreneurs, fostering their development and guiding the entire business development process throughout the duration of the program. The program's first generation includes 60 projects and 143 entrepreneurs. A second generation will begin in August 2017.