Girls’ Apprenticeship Program

Citi Foundation and TechnoServe are working together to reduce youth unemployment in Uganda by teaching young women the knowledge and skills needed to start their own businesses.

Many young women face employment challenges across Uganda. Nearly 80% of the population falls under 30 years of age, and the majority of youth are female. Girls in particular face two major employability disadvantages, as Uganda has the highest school drop-out rate for females in East Africa as well as the highest teenage pregnancy rate in sub-Saharan Africa. The result is prevalent poverty among young women who are raising families without sufficient skills to earn a living.

In an effort to combat this unemployment crisis, Citi Foundation and TechnoServe have partnered to help young women in East Africa through initiatives like the Girls Apprenticeship Program (GAP). In its third phase, the project aims to equip 60 low-income young women in the urban areas of Uganda’s Central Region with the necessary skills and resources to start their own businesses or obtain paid employment. In the previous phase of this program, 83% of the participants either found jobs or started their own business after graduation.