Girls’ Apprenticeship Program

Citi Foundation and TechnoServe are working together to reduce youth unemployment in Uganda by teaching young women the knowledge and skills needed to start their own businesses.

Dates: May 2014 to July 2021

Field: Entrepreneurship

Funding Partners: Citi Foundation

.A key cause of unemployment among young women in Uganda is a lack of opportunities to develop the skills needed to become workforce entrants. In partnership with Citibank, GAP supports young women (18-24) in the Central Region to generate regular and stable incomes by engaging them in apprenticeships with successful local businesswomen. The businesswomen serve as mentors and role models, guiding the young women through their transition to employment.

GAP participants complete a curriculum focused on financial literacy, customer service, marketing, business planning and development strategies, and reproductive health. Following classroom training and a practical apprenticeship, young women receive business counseling support to start and sustain their own enterprises. This includes a business plan competition with prizes for top participants.