Group of men inspecting their lettuce in Nicaragua

Connecting Smallholder Farmers to New Markets

Walmart Foundation Mexico and TechnoServe collaborate in the Inclusive Agriculture Program, an initiative to support smallholder farmers in Mexico to increase their productivity, quality and sustainability standards, and develop their business capabilities to facilitate their integration into the value chain of main buyers of fruits and vegetables in the country.

With the support of Walmart Foundation Mexico, since 2011, TechnoServe has trained more than 12,000 smallholder farmers from various geographies in the country. In 2019-2020, the program will incorporate more than 5,000 new farmers and help them to build direct commercial links to have a more reliable channel for their crops and ultimately to improve their incomes and quality of life. TechnoServe is also collaborating with multiple organizations to share and gain knowledge of best practices in sustainable and inclusive agriculture by reaching local NGOs, and public and private institutions to improve the Mexican agricultural ecosystem.