Developing Agribusinesses and Empowering Youth in Cabo Delgado

Through Catalisa we work with agribusiness partners and smallholder farmers to increase their ability to earn a profit from poultry and horticulture.

The Catalisa project aims to incentivize and accelerate commercial horticultural production in Cabo Delgado through the expansion of its volume sales with an outgrower supply network and other market linkages. Catalisa will provide business advisory services, financing assistance to fund the growth of smallholder farmers, and technical assistance and financing for the farmers integrated in the supply chain. Catalisa is also working with private sector partners to become off-takers and partners to the smallholder farmers.

Catalisa has chosen strategic sites in the Province to establish crop demonstration plots for horticulture production. We have erected one demo plot in a favorable agro-ecological zone, and another in a more challenging agricultural zone. The demo plot in Palma will be used to teach agriculture to youth as well as the broader community. Similarly, Catalisa is working with a private-sector partner in the production of chicken eggs. The model for egg production includes a central production hub and distribution to small vendors to create a constant local supply. This will further fortify the development of the poultry value chain and augment the distribution capacity of local vendors.

Catalisa is implementing youth skills training in Palma to increase youth employability and improve young people’s ability to identify and pursue business opportunities. The findings of an intensive exercise to understand the challenges that youth face in Palma have informed the customization of TechnoServe’s Strengthening Rural Youth Development Through Enterprise (STRYDE) curriculum to the local context.

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