TechnoServe’s MozaCajú Project Launches Website for the Mozambican Cashew Industry

Pemba, Mozambique – In partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Aga Khan, TechnoServe's MozaCajú project has launched a groundbreaking website devoted to increasing global market demand for Mozambican cashews: To better help buyers and consumers understand the Mozambican cashew industry, the site features detailed information on the industry’s approach to improving production and processing, as well as its ability to meet the demands of premium markets through improved technology, traceability and certifications. will play a critical part in the project's effort to market Mozambique's unique value proposition of a traceable, single-origin cashew industry that shares value between producers and processors. “The site is a global publicity outlet for the Mozambican cashew industry,” says Daria Gage, director of the MozaCajú initiative. “Launching the site is an important part of the project's effort to engage international nut buyers, retailers and end consumers with the message that the cashew industry here is world-class and can compete with traditional suppliers like India and Vietnam.”

The website will also help enhance transparency throughout the value chain and increase knowledge sharing between cashew-producing countries around the world. In the future, will host additional multimedia, reports and interactive features that convey important information to international retailers and consumers.

About MozaCajú

MozaCajú is a three-year, USDA-funded initiative that supports the Mozambican cashew industry by harnessing global market demand for premium cashew and addressing obstacles throughout the value chain, including in the areas of inputs, production, processing and marketing. With targeted technical assistance delivered by qualified project staff, MozaCajú helps an estimated 30,000 smallholder cashew farmers and nine processing facilities to sustainably increase their productivity and competitiveness. For more information about the MozaCajú project, please visit:

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