Pequeno Productor Program Announces Training of Over 6,000 Women in 25 States

An initiative by the Walmart Mexico Foundation and executed by TechnoServe promotes the role of women in agriculture and sustainable development

Mexico City, Mexico (June 6, 2024) – Today, the Walmart Mexico Foundation and the nonprofit organization TechnoServe announced that the Pequeño Productor Program has reached a significant milestone: over 6,000 women producers trained in the 25 states where the Program operates.

In all countries, rural women are a fundamental pillar in the agricultural sector, significantly contributing to the eradication of poverty and hunger. Therefore, through the Pequeño Productor Program, we work on training and including women in the formalization of agro-enterprises to contribute to the development of entire communities and families.

Considering that nearly one million women in Mexico work in the primary sector, with 86% in agriculture according to data from the Agricultural and Fisheries Information Service (SIAP), the Program created by the Walmart Mexico Foundation and executed by TechnoServe aims to ensure that women’s participation in the agricultural sector occurs within an equitable framework, positioning them as agents of change in regenerative agriculture and rural development.

The Walmart Mexico Foundation and TechnoServe are committed to gender equity in access to opportunities and services, resource management, and decision-making to optimize and guarantee the long-term results of the Program, thereby maximizing the incomes and quality of life of producer families. To date, the Program has trained 6,113 women in areas such as inclusive agronomy, regenerative agriculture practices, quality, marketing, and business tools.

“TechnoServe recognizes the need to develop and support rural women so they can fully participate in agro-business activities and access resources and services equitably. Through the Pequeño Productor Program of the Walmart Mexico Foundation, we are working to eliminate the barriers rural women face, promoting gender equality and contributing to sustainable development in communities,” said Daniela Bergmann, Deputy Director of TechnoServe Mexico.

Elizabeth Ramírez, gender specialist of the Pequeño Productor Program of the Walmart Mexico Foundation and part of the Gender Champions Mexico team at TechnoServe, explained that “through specific actions such as specifically inviting women to all training workshops and holding these in safe zones at flexible times, we contribute to their inclusion.”

A clear example of how including rural women in agro-business activities achieves impactful results is the story of Fabiola Rodríguez, manager of melon and watermelon packaging at the agro-enterprise Unión de Productores de Hortalizas de Matamoros Coahuila (UPROHMA). This agro-enterprise started in 2015 with the Program, selling 381 tons, and in 2023, it sold 1,445 tons.

Despite Fabiola’s family already being involved in farming, she was not attracted to working in agriculture. However, when the Program reached the Matamoros community, she was invited to join UPROHMA. Fabiola gradually integrated into this agro-enterprise, initially attending business training provided by the Program and over time, acquired the knowledge that helped her change her life story.

“Before participating in the training with TechnoServe technicians, I didn’t know how to issue an invoice. Today, I’ve learned to put quotes to sell the fruit at a better price. Additionally, I’m in charge of supervising safety and hygiene in packaging and ensuring that the product reaches Walmart stores in Mexico and Central America, Bodega Aurrera, Walmart Express, and Walmart Supercenter on time,” said Fabiola.

Fabiola received training from the Program to become the administrator of UPROHMA.

Despite the tangible results of providing more opportunities to rural women, World Bank data show that in many Latin American countries, 70% to 90% of formal landowners are men. Furthermore, if women had the same access to productive resources as men, they could increase their land production by up to 30%, which could increase total agricultural production in developing countries by up to 4%, reducing the number of people suffering from hunger worldwide by up to 17%.

Given this reality, Walmart Mexico Foundation and TechnoServe, through the Pequeño Productor Program, will continue promoting gender equity, offering rural women the opportunity to train and acquire the necessary skills to actively participate in agro-enterprises. This not only strengthens the producer family but also fosters community growth.


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