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The World’s Largest Retailer Is Reaching out to India’s Small Farmers with New Technology | Quartz

This article highlights the Walmart Foundation's partnership with TechnoServe to benefit farmers in India.

Getting Past Doubt: Finding Better Ways for Multinationals and SMEs to Intersect | NextBillion

Juan Carlos Thomas and Annie Shoemaker describe TechnoServe's experience working with the private sector to support small businesses.

Premium Prices Attract Small Farmers Back to Coffee Growing in Zimbabwe | Reuters

This article highlights the impact of TechnoServe's partnership with Nespresso to revive the Zimbabwean coffee sector.

Five Ingredients for Success for Partnerships in Fragile Economies like South Sudan | Ethical Corporation

Director of Strategic Initiatives Myriam Sainz shares insights from TechnoServe's work in fragile economies.

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Speaking Engagements

September 11, 2019

Financial Times Mozambique Summit

Maputo, Mozambique

Mozambique Country DIrector Jane Grobe speaks about the future of food in the country.

August 21-22, 2019

Incubadoras LAT

Antigua, Guatemala

Central America Entrepreneurship Director Oscar Artiga shares lessons about identifying promising entrepreneurs.

July 23-24, 2019

ANDE West Africa Regional Conference

Lagos, Nigeria

TechnoServe's Chinwe Owhorji speaks about youth entrepreneurship programs and impact reporting.

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Blog Posts

September 20, 2019

Coffee Consumer Spotlight: Zimbabwean Coffee

In the second part of our consumer spotlight series, we are highlighting coffee from Zimbabwe. Coffee is making a comeback here after a decades-long decline. Since 2017, TechnoServe has worked with Nespresso to restore Zimbabwe's coffee-growing regions.

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September 18, 2019

Coca, Coffee, and Cooperatives: Improving Farmer Livelihoods Through Coffee

In San Martín, Peru, coca used to dominate the landscape. Now, through the Coffee Alliance for Excellence (CAFE) program, farmers in former coca-growing regions are learning how to improve their livelihoods through coffee.

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