Virtual Q&A With SingleThread Farms


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What’s the link between a world-renowned restaurant in California and small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs fighting poverty in Peru?

In this virtual Q&A, hear from a top global chef and farmer about how some of our favorite food and drinks can improve the lives of people living in poverty half a world away.

Kyle and Katina Connaughton, the husband-and-wife team behind the three-Michelin-starred SingleThread restaurant in California, share how their visit with TechnoServe to Peru changed their perspective on food and farming.

This visit touched our hearts and opened our eyes to how incredibly impactful [coffee and cocoa] can be. These brave women and men are making great strides in creating safer and sustainable lives for themselves and their communities.” – Katina Connaughton

We hope you’ll consider making a donation to support hardworking people fighting poverty through entrepreneurship and agriculture, like the smallholder farmers who made such a lasting impression on Kyle and Katina when they traveled to TechnoServe programs in Peru.

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