H4G Catalytic Grant Fund

We believe a strengthened horticulture market system underpinned by a strong private sector will enable Ethiopian small-scale producers to earn higher, more stable incomes and increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables in rural and urban areas.

The H4G program has established a Catalytic Grant Fund to incentivize and support diverse market system actors to try new and more inclusive ways of doing business that meet market needs and strengthen the performance of the overall horticulture market system.

$15K to $150K grant will be provided to successful grant applicants based on how well applications meet pre-set criteria. Grantees are required to match at least 1:1 and are encouraged to use the grant for technical assistance.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be a legally registered Ethiopian entity, private enterprise, firm, cooperatives; or demonstrate a commitment to formally register after establishment with the applicable Government of Ethiopia registration entities if not already registered; or be Ethiopian national; 
  • Submit a full application responding to all requirements and conditions; 
  • Be prepared to undergo an independent financial review or audit
  • Commit to the necessary contribution depending on the beneficiary and grant type 
  • Demonstrate ability and willingness to learn how to maintain business, financial, and technical records, either manually or electronically; 
  • Complete and pass a site visit and pre-award assessment
  • We welcome applicants from fruit and vegetable exporters, processors, input/service providers, large retailers, or large-scale cooperating traders and wholesalers.

Interested applicants that meet eligibility criteria can fill in basic organization information and expected use of funds.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Guiding Principles for Selection of Applicants:   

Principle 1: increases total purchase and sales of fruits and vegetables (thus SHF income) while being: 

  • Gender inclusive 
  • Regenerative 
  • Enhancing food system

Principle 2: increases consumption of fruit and vegetable by tackling the main barriers to consumption

Principle 3: is commercially rigorous and low risk (large existing business with strong balance sheet


For further inquiry: email H4G@tns.org or Call +251 711 492749