#SheFightsPoverty 2018: Celebrating Women of TechnoServe

For International Women's Day, TechnoServe celebrated the people, strategies, and innovations that are hard at work to create equitable and prosperous economies for women and men around the world.

This post summarizes our month-long #SheFightsPoverty blog series and social media campaign in honor of International Women’s Day 2018.

Women representing #SheFightsPoverty

In our month-long blog series, we explored strategies and stories from our work supporting women to transform their livelihoods:

Tanzanian women with her successful mobile saving strategiesMobile Savings for Lasting Women-led Businesses

In Tanzania, women entrepreneurs are overcoming barriers to their business success with mobile savings strategies. Combined with business skills training, these digital technologies are helping them to grow and protect their savings.

Olga Velasques aiding the Better Coffee Harvest Program in Central America Better Data and a Better Future for Women in Coffee

Olga Velasquez is TechnoServe’s Monitoring and Evaluation Manager for the Better Coffee Harvests Program in Central America. We talked with her about her experience as a woman at TechnoServe, and why good data is important for creating stronger, more gender-inclusive coffee economies.

Dace Mahanay of the STRYDE program in AfricaHow Young Women can Find Opportunities in African Agriculture

Closing the gender gap is essential to growth in Africa, where women generally have less access to education, training, and financial services than men do. Dace Mahanay, TechnoServe’s Regional Director for the STRYDE program, discusses keys to supporting young women’s business success.

Women Agronomists in EthiopiaWomen Agronomists in Ethiopia are Helping Improve Gender Equality

In Ethiopia, women carry out 75 percent of labor in the coffee value chain, earning only 43 percent of its income. Kebebushe is one of 79 agronomists working with Nespresso to support 40,000 coffee farmers to improve farming practices along with the status of women throughout the value chain.

Women entrepreneur Indu Devi Access to Finance is Helping Rural Women Entrepreneurs Improve their Incomes and Status in India

Cultural gender norms held Indu Devi and other women entrepreneurs back from business success. With access to formal financing and business training, she’s integrated her enterprise into a profitable fox nut snack company.

Female workers sitting in at the Central America Entrepreneurship programFemale Workforces Can Revolutionize Latin American Business. Here’s How.

In an article for the World Economic Forum, TechnoServe’s Program Director for Central America Entrepreneurship discusses ways to engage entrepreneurs in practices that not only benefit women workers and suppliers, but help solve some of the issues facing small and medium businesses.

Ethiopian women technicians Reducing Women’s Drudgery for Stronger Forest Economies

In the Majang Forest of Ethiopia, TechnoServe is jump-starting forest-based economies by helping women to reduce time spent in drudgery, launch income-generating activities, and enter competitive markets for non-timber forest products.

Kate Scaife Diaz of TechnoServeInsights from the Data: Our Work with Women-Owned Businesses

Kate Scaife Diaz, TechnoServe’s Director of Impact, discusses results from TechnoServe entrepreneurship projects and highlights how our data shows similar impact among the men and women we work with.

AB InBev supporting women farmers gain access to agribusiness in UgandaInvesting in Women makes Business Sense in Uganda

AB InBev partnered with TechnoServe to help women farmers access the agricultural and business knowledge they need in Uganda — where women make up more than half of the agricultural labor force –to build profitable farms and a sustainable supply chain for AB InBev.

We celebrated the hardworking women who help to drive our mission through social media spotlights:

Meet some of the women staff, beneficiaries, and donors supporting TechnoServe who shared how #SheFightsPoverty on Facebook and Twitter.

We shared the stories of enterprising women from across the globe

Explore the map below to meet some of the inspiring women who are chanelling the power of the private sector to overcome poverty. Click here to view on a mobile device.