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Our Values

Our four core values embody our deepest beliefs and our highest aspirations. They are the guiding principles that drive and inform our organizational culture at every level—in the field, with partners and funders, throughout headquarters, in all we do.

These values also help us to consistently answer common, but important, questions such as: What does TechnoServe believe? What drives our behavior and culture? They are guiding principles that reflect the organization’s actions. They are rock-solid, enduring, and non-negotiable

Our values are too important to be put in a frame and forgotten. We live our values with one another, with our partners, and in all we do:

Lasting Impact

We are passionate about helping all people create meaningful and measurable improvement in their lives that persists long after our work with them ends.


We engage our colleagues, clients, and partners with a spirit of collegiality, open dialogue, and mutual respect.


We try new things and build on what we’ve learned.  We’re bold and willing to take smart risks in pursuit of our mission.  We are resourceful and see opportunities where others see problems.


We do what we say and say what we do, holding ourselves and each other to the highest standards of integrity and transparency.